– about –

I’m the funniest person I know, according to me.

Daydreamers are my people.

I believe that everyone should touch the sparkle on the Eiffel Tower at least once.

Please grab your person’s butt, life is short.

I feed expired meters.

My brain, it doesn’t quiet.  Not even to namaste.  Side note: I cannot touch my toes.

I believe in climbing all of the mountains and doing all of the things.

There is no greater bliss than an Granny’s Donut and a warm cup of coffee (Bozeman, MT).

A day without


is a day wasted

Charlie Chaplan

I tend to treat inspirational quotes as a guide map of what to do next.

I do not believe in real pants Monday-Friday or Sunday.

Words hold more power when written on a typewritter.

I’m known for laughing at my own jokes, to the point of tears, days later.

I do not believe that the Christmas spirit should be confined to December.

Laundry is meant to be washed, dried, and then left in the basket to wrinkle.

I secretly prefer people that hug tightly.

Couples: they are my JAM.  And I’m so crazy excited to meet you!


April Sky