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I’m the funniest person I know, according to me. Daydreamers are my people. I believe that everyone should touch the sparkle on the Eiffel Tower at least once. Every now and then, it’s okay to grab a little tush at a photo shoot. Couples that play together, stay together.

A day without


is a day wasted

Charlie Chaplan

I feed expired meters, we all have scattered days. Indulge, life is unpredictable. Any time I try to tell a dirty joke, I ruin the punchline with uncontrollable laughter. A single gesture can change everything. There is no greater bliss than a delectable donut and a warm cup of coffee. Life is amazing when you realize that the person you just met has the same ridiculous sense of humor as you do! I truly believe that we write our own stories, so why not make it a great one.